12 January, 2013 20:16

Grace and I successfully worked out last night on the ship. I won’t say it was easy. I almost flew off of the treadmill so I had to make my way back to the elliptical where it is easier to hold on. I am proud of us though! ps- thanks pete for the playlist… worked well with the workout

I’m currently in my first day of “B day” classes. The class I am in now is called Democratization and Modernization. Our Professor is brilliant and he is from China. I have a really good feeling about this class. The course changes in relation to the places that we are heading to.

Last night was the first night that we were allowed to drink. It honestly felt like a middle school dance. the line to the bar was SO nice and we were only allowed three glasses of wine or beer. But we made the best of it.

Later I have my “music cultures” course which I am really excited about. My textbook came with a CD of music from all different countries. It should be really interesting. AFter ther grace and i are signed up to work out again. Hopefully we make it through without falling off again ahha


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