Skipping a Day

Recently, I have been committed to the sun full heartedly knowing that I will soon no longer be able to step outside due to our rapid approach towards the winter months of Japan. I apologize for not posting about my adventures in Honolulu, but I wanted to be able to dedicate the appropriate amount of time and attention to it. I plan on documenting that adventure tomorrow during our study day.
Tomorrow is what we call a “skip day”. Tonight as we pass the equator something really cool happens! Because we are passing the equator, we will skip an ENTIRE day. This means that January 22 will not exist at all for us here on semester at sea. Unfortunately this means that anyone who has a birthday on January 22 will never really be able to celebrate it! Kind of funny actually. So, tomorrow will be January 23 here on the ship while for all of you it will be January 22.


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