Rough Seas

Today we hit our very first of extremely rough seas. Its hard to even move about the ship without running or falling into something. It started this morning but only continued to get worse throughout the day. Its strange because usually when you leave your cabin you can see people scattered all throughout the boat but its pretty vacant today. They cancelled all classes, meetings, and fitness programs. Even our pre-port meeting is going to be streamed to our tvs in our cabins so that we don’t have to leave. It is only expected to get worse but thankfully we will be in Japan tomorrow morning safe and sound. Although Grace was really sick this morning, we are both feeling a lot better. To be honest, I am kind of glad that we are having one day of rough seas. It is kind of fun to watch the waves (or should i called them miniature tsunamis) right outside of our window. The sun is beginning to set and its pretty eery with the white caps and huge waves while the full moon is staring directly at us.I also must add that we are so lucky to be in the back of the boat. The front of the boat is the part that is feeling all of the action while we are pretty anchored in the back, feeling the least of the swells. I will try to upload pictures of the craziness. Can’t wait to be in Japan tomorrow!!!


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