Japan Day 1

I woke up at 6am this morning, a full hour and fifteen minutes before I actually meant to. Im so glad that I did.. I went up to the FREEZING cold deck to watch the sun rise as we pulled into Japan. As we pulled closer into Port, the clouds began to break so that we could see Mt Fuji.

Grace and I got ready and went to wait to be called to get off the ship thinking that it would take hours but we literally just walked off before everyone.

We went through customs. The architecture of the terminal was so different and modern… im struggling to find words to describe it. As soon as we stepped out of the terminal and into Yokohama it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop… we felt like we needed to whisper. We found a cute little place by the water. WE had to walk up stairs to get to it. It was a quint little place. It was so simplistic, just white walls and dark wood floors with sleek wood chairs and maybe five small different pieces of art on th wall. They sold hand made clay pot and wire jewelry that we fell in love with. The whole menu was in Japanese, we had no idea what we were looking at but the waitress was so sweet and did her best to help us make good choices. It was such a great lunch. We basically each got a plate of all different things to try. After lumch we asked our waitress how to get to the bullet train.. while she couldn’t quite help us, a man overheard us and he was anxious to help us. We actually found the train station so easily. We grabbed these little juice box things that were filled with wine to sip on for the ride. We made it to Tokyo so easily despite the fact that we took three trains. The trains were so cheap and there were plenty of people to help us around. After falling in love with Tokyo just in the train station stocked with little shops, sweets, and yummy food we decided to go straight to Harajuku street. We got on another train that took us straight there.

Harajuku is sure to be something that I will never forget and probably tell too many people about. It was such a different experience. Our first stop was the make sure that we got real authentic harajuku costumes. With the help of some Japanese teenagers wer picked out matching harajuku costumes and wigs. They weren’t very expensive. Hopefully its something my daughter will appreciate one day- a real harajuku costume! Hahah maybe im too excited about this. We walked up and down harajuku in awe. We saw floods of teenage girls going to this underground store. We followed out of curiousity. It was like a big room FULL of these little booths, we were so confused. We later found out that they were picture booths you could go into and edit them in another booth and then proceed to print them from a different booth. The whole process was SO confusing… and it didn’t help that the whole thing wsa in Japanese and no one spoke English. Surely enough grace and I figured it out and the pictures are really something that we will cherish forever. BTW- the pictures are automatically edited to make your eyes bigger and your skin clearer. Reallly interesting.

After Harajuku we decided to head back to Yokohama and grab a bite in the amazing Tokyo Train station. We bought 5 different kinds of chicken kebabs and a box of about 6 dumplings. Best chicken and dumplings we have EVER had…. I really hope we get the chance to get more. I wish I could describe to you how these train stations have food set up.. it in no way feels like a food court although they are.

So far we are beyond in love with Japan. It is SO clean. As we were waiting for the bullet train there was a women just walking by cleaning all the railings. They must be doing that around the clock because all of the stations were so clean despite all the traffic going through them. The bullet trains are immaculate with tons of foot room and extremely clean. We are actually so excited to travel on them more. Tomorrow we are doing a “Cultural Tokyo Tour” that we are really excited about. Then we will leave the group to do our own thing and spend the night in Tokyo.

Also side note- ALL of the toilets in japan are exacty the same. They all have a spritzing feature, bidet feature, a “flushing sound” that you can control the volume for.. aka.. to flush out any sounds coming from your stall you don’t want your neighbor to hear…. They are also heated..


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